Carol Ann Tanner

Thinking sideways

Thinking sideways

I live in Cornwall, with the sea before me and a vast skyline above me. The environment here is shaped by the Westerly winds, which are persistent and carving whether you be made of wood or stone. I was born in London in the summer of love in the 1960’s. Later I moved to Buckinghamshire and had the freedom to play outside making  camps and making thumb pots with the clay soil. I loved to collect stones and paint from my imagination. I moved to Cornwall in my early 20’s…….so very glad I did. I still collect stones and my imagination runs free. Like the wind I’m shaping my own landscape, whether it be a canvas, a sculpture, a film or a room.

2 thoughts on “Carol Ann Tanner

  1. Carol–How special it is to have the artistic talents combined with the gift of words! 🙂 I find your comment about the wind carving wood and stone so poetic. Your words just seem to flow…lovely! And thumb pots! Cool! I played at pottery for awhile as an adult. Helped build a kiln for firing clay with cow patties. Gives such a connection to earth. Thanks for sharing.

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